Charles Alfred Pauls

Possibly the speediest outside left in the district, Charles was one of the many footballing Pauls brothers from Middlesbrough. Originally plying his trade for Linthorpe, he left the North East for Lancashire where he played for many prominent clubs there, including Dalton Hall in 1885. His performances earned him a call-up to the Manchester and District team.

His debut for Redcar and Coatham came at the start of the 1885/86 season. He initially played for the club by guesting while visiting on his holidays. He managed several more appearances that season, though, playing in every game of Redcar’s famous journey to the FA Cup quarter final.

Returning to the North West, Pauls continued to impress and he eventually caught the attention of Preston North End, who had just won the Football League without losing a game, and the FA Cup without conceding a goal. Pauls played three games in their victorious Football League campaign the following season in 1889/90, once again reaching the FA Cup quarter final. He briefly returned to the area around 1888 and played for Middlesbrough alongside one-time Redcar compatriot Tom Alvey. He played with Ironopolis in 1890 where he won the Northern League.

Another member of the Redcar side to hold a Cambridge degree (the other being A.C. Tofts), he was a master at many notable schools around the country.

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