Edward Uvo Pauls

Edward Pauls played for Middlesbrough and Redcar

Ted Pauls was one of several Pauls brothers who were prominent footballers in the 1880s. His brother Charles won the Football League with Preston North End. He spent the early 1880s at Linthorpe and Middlesbrough, playing for Redcar and Coatham in the mid-80s. During this time, he notably played in every round of their journey to the FA Cup quarter final.

The 1886 Cleveland Challenge Cup final was abandoned after Ted sustained a leg fracture. He was spoken about up and down the country because it came just weeks after his brother Charles suffered the same injury in a match in Manchester. Pauls left for Germany in 1894 to pursue a career in painting, but ended up back in England a few years later.

Ted Pauls broke his leg against Middlesbrough
The doctor’s report on Ted’s fractured leg

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