George McCrie

George McCrie played for Redcar and Middlesbrough.
A melee in a Middlesbrough match in 1888, George McCrie may have been one of the players featured

George McCrie played for Redcar and Coatham in the mid-1880s. He was seen as one of the best backs in the region, which convinced Middlesbrough to sign him in 1887. He won the Cleveland Challenge Cup with Boro, something that Redcar had failed to do on five consecutive attempts. At one point, his goalscoring abilities from defence earned him a place in Boro’s forward line.

Upon returning to Redcar, he was made captain of the team and was compared to club legend William Harrison for his work ethic, leadership and attitude. Although his hard work started to pay dividends, he would once again leave, but this time more permanently. In 1889 he set sail for America, and Redcar’s fortunes dwindled soon afterwards.

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