Stanley Borrie

Stanley Borrie played for Redcar Crusaders and Coatham United

Part of a footballing dynasty, Stan Borrie was the son of Albert Borrie, the legendary Middlesbrough footballer and later secretary. Educated at Coatham Grammar School, Stan joined Redcar Crusaders around 1908 whilst still a teenager. He then won the Cleveland Junior Cup with Coatham United.

His achievements so early in his career caught the attention of Northern League outfit South Bank. He won the FA Amateur Cup with the Bankers in 1912/13 after scoring in the initial drawn final in Reading.

Stanley Borrie won the FA Amateur Cup with South Bank

After playing against Redcar’s first ever Northern League side in 1913/14, his appearances in football become sporadic. He followed in his father’s footsteps to become a solicitor, and it would appear that football became second to his career.

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