Coatham Grammar School (Sir William Turner’s)

Coatham Grammar School, 1921. Sports Gazette.

Left to right (standing): J. Tillotson, H.F. Batty, J. Harrison, G.P. White, J. Rose.

Seated: C.W. Bean, C. Hutton (capt), R. Gardner. On ground: C.F. Andrews, J.H. Appleby, R.N. Blavlock.


As the name suggests, the team was the football club connected to the local grammar school. A free school at Kirkleatham had been formed as early as 1709, which relocated in 1869 and adopted Sir William Turner’s name when they found a new home in Coatham, officially recognised as a public school from 1919.

The school has had links to football for as long as the sport has been played in the area, and has produced some of the finest talent the town has ever seen, including Middlesbrough’s all-time appearance maker “Tim” Williamson, FA Amateur Cup winner Stan Borrie and England Amateur international HP Bell. AC Tofts, FA Cup quarter finalist with Redcar and Coatham, was second master at the school in the 1880s.

Notable former players

H.P. Bell

Stanley Borrie

A.C. Tofts (staff)

R.G. Williamson