Redcar and Coatham

Arguably the most influential team the town has ever produced, Redcar and Coatham were formed by the cricketers of the local YMCA and were known by Redcar and Coatham YMCA for their first season.

They quickly formed a formidable team from all walks of life; foundry workers, architects, teachers, civil servants and train drivers from Devon, Cambridgeshire, Lancaster and South Bank joined forces to rival Middlesbrough as the best team in the North Riding.

Their rivalry with Boro saw football explode as a spectator sport over the following years, with thousands of people flocking to see their battles for supremacy in the Cleveland Challenge Cup, which saw the two teams meet in the first five finals of the competition.

Middlesbrough got the better of Redcar on each occasion, but Redcar would have the last laugh in the FA Cup, when they defeated Boro on their way to a quarter final appearance at Small Heath Alliance, now known as Birmingham City.

Despite proving themselves as one of the strongest teams in the country, their fortunes would fade from that point onwards, their star players moving on or retiring, those who remained being caught up in bitter disputes which tore the club apart at the seams.

After struggling to adapt to league football after the competitions were introduced ahead of the 1889/90 season, Redcar found themselves having fallen from a first-rate powerhouse to a third-rate local club in a matter of a few years. Twinned with financial troubles, they failed to see out the 1895 season and folded.

Notable Former Players

Robert Agar

Tom Alvey

John Sebastian Cruse

William Harrison

James Howcroft

George McCrie

Charles Alfred Pauls

Edward Uvo Pauls

Arthur Charles Tofts

Julius Francis Wethey


  • 1881/82 Cleveland Cup runners up
  • 1882/83 Cleveland Cup runners up
  • 1883/84 Cleveland Cup runners up
  • 1884/85 Cleveland Cup runners up
  • 1885/86 Cleveland Cup runners up
  • 1885/86 FA Cup quarter finalists
  • 1887/88 Cleveland Junior Cup winners
  • 1888/89 Cleveland Cup runners up
  • 1889/90 Cleveland Junior Cup winners

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