Redcar Boys Club

Future Grimsby teammates Colin Tinsley and Len Weatherall at Redcar Boys Club

Redcar Boys Club were formed in 1939 and became an institution in the town for decades. A slew of silverware during that time, including Stead Cup, is incidental compared to the talent the club helped to nurture. Many clubs in Redcar have famous names connected to them, but no-one else in the town has had such a consistent record of generating talent than Redcar Boys Club.

Bobby Smith is perhaps the most well-known. After being scouted by Chelsea whilst playing for the Boys Club on Redcar Racecourse, he spent five years at Stamford Bridge, scoring 23 goals. He joined Tottenham, where he won the First Division, FA Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup. Smith is also one of Spurs’ highest ever goalscorers, and scored 13 goals in 15 England appearances.

Also on the list of Boys Club alum is former Chelsea and Watford goalkeeper Mike Collins and former Grimsby, Darlington and Exeter goalkeeper Colin Tinsley. Tinsley’s Grimsby teammate Len Weatherall was also signed from Redcar Boys Club.


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