Redcar Works

Redcar Works were around for over 100 years

Football and the local steelworks have been intrinsically linked in Redcar since the sport first came to the town. The developing steel industry in the 1870s and 1880s played a large part in the growth of towns like Middlesbrough and Redcar. The influx of people moving to the area also meant that more talent was available for the sports teams. The mid-1880s also saw a seismic shift in football. It moved away from the recreational sport of the public school Old Boys and middle class cricketers towards the working classes who found themselves free to take up activities on a Saturday afternoon.

This is where we first see Redcar Works, playing against similar local teams from Coatham and Warrenby. They expanded over the decades to come, with a team operating under the Redcar Works name for over 100 years. Ever-present in local leagues, they even entered the FA Amateur Cup in the 1930s, hoping to represent the town on a national level.

The following few decades would see success in competitions like the Teesborough League and the Cleveland League, with the team being a dominant force in the latter for years. Redcar Works also produced top talent, including former Chelsea and Watford goalkeeper Mike Collins.

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